Posted by: Jane | August 5, 2008

You are bipolar and your meds don’t work

That was the name of this video by Ken Jensen here

I love it. With the exception of the stay on your psych meds part. If you don’t know my experiences with meds and my feelings about well have a look around this blog.

Anyway I thought his approach was refreshing and I am sure he appeals to a variety of audiences.

Here is his youtube channel and his website.

Good stuff.


  1. Thanks so much for posting this Jane!

    I made this video quite a while back. I see I didn’t touch on a few things that would have clarified my point a little better but hey, I had to start somewhere.

    First off, I don’t begrudge anyone any relief they may get from bipolar from any means at all i.e., psychotropics, weed, meditation, whatever. (I have a very powerful yet simple form of meditation too so I’m all for it.) If you’re happy and functioning, you win in my book. Truly.

    Where I come in is for the meds-resistant folks or the folks who really are afraid of meds. But mostly, I get the people who’ve run out of options as I did.

    I warn people to never stop their meds at once. They are to be tapered off of gradually. A dead stop can drive you insane or stop your heart depending on what and how much meds you’re on. You need a precise weaning plan and one of the companies I work with has counselors to make that happen, safely, AND they will discuss it with your doctor beforehand and during.

    I found a few tools that replace the meds and effectively shut down bipolar but leave your creativity intact. Your creativity is a natural part of you and a gift from being bipolar. You CAN keep it and get rid of your bipolar, or at least quiet it down a whole lot. Thousands did before me using one of my tools.

    Also, I am not trying to be secretive about what I do in an attempt to make a profit. I didn’t want this response to be an ad. All that I do is shared frequently in my blog. People can pick through the blog and get it all for free or buy my book if they can’t wait. Up to them. I’m happy either way.

    I do believe that meds are more harm than good but I also know that many people are quite happy with them and get great results. I just was never that lucky so I was forced to find another way.

    I hope that sort of clears up some of what I’m about. If you need me, you can find me. If you’re happy with whatever plan you have, then I seriously am happy for you. Happy’s the point, right? I’m just another option.

    Take care Jane and thanks again!



  2. Thanks so much for stopping by and responding Ken.

    Re: your stance on meds.

    I thought as much after reading your blog.

    In a nutshell I was on meds for 6 months, quit cold turkey and then won my freedom from meds in court actually.

    I never looked back.

    Of course for years I also smoked marijuana and did other drugs to cope. I empathize with the human need to chemically feel better any way possible.

    These days talk about the awful effects of withdrawal and then problems rapid withdrawal cause people are becoming more common.

    In those cases where people have been on certain kinds of meds for long times my own research into the matter seems to indicate tapering is best.

    Anyway you are much more experienced with different meds and coming off them than I ever was. I was an impossible patient as Steve Morgan likes to say.

    You might find Beyond Meds to be interesting blog I highly recommend it. The blog mistress GiannaKali has kicked several meds and is working on more. She knows what she is doing.

    At any rate. We may just be in the same place. It’s been years since I have suffered from bipolar symptoms. I liked your energy and it’s good to know about your recovery and see you out there spreading the word.

    Take care for now!




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