Posted by: Jane | May 25, 2008

Geodon lies.

I stopped by WritheSafely today and read Robin’s post “I will be a good girl”

I missed out on years of college during my 20s either because of recurring bouts of insanity or due to spending my time in isolation practicing tai chi and yoga when I was not working in a factory.

So I feel like a imbecile when politics comes up. Politics of any kind really. I did not take humanities courses and women’s studies so I usually keep my mouth shut about gender politics and feminism so as not to reveal how ignorant I am about these things. I would rather play catch up and read up on it as I go than even pretend I have an ounce of political savvy.

Robin’s post highlighted a concern that was obvious to even such a politically naive creature such as myself. You should read her post to get a better analysis than I could do. In essence, atypical neuroleptics are being sleazily marketed to women that engenders stereotypes about women. You really need to read her post to get a sense of the whole thing. She compares the marketing of yogurt to the marketing of neuroleptics.

Go read her post about it. When you are done, come back and read my rant. This rant has been building for months. Admittedly, reading her post and seeing the Geodon logo catalyzed me to write about the insulting marriage of psychiatric drugs to spiritual wellness and a healthy lifestyle as embodied by the Geodon image.

Welcome to a great big stinking pile of malarky brought to you by Phizer.

I have always been particularly disgusted with the geodon yoga woman for a number of reasons.

The image used to market this drug. The psychology behind that one image. I am trying not to rant here.

When I was on antipsychotics I experienced the death of personality. The strongest portions of my mind and awareness were draining away day by day under the onslaught of a chemical induced lobotomy.

Those drugs leave you fogged, unclear, spaced out with cognitive dulling and delayed reflexes as well as memory problems and a host of neurological problems.

All you get from antipsychotics is damage of the body and mind. It is a toxic substance that kills your spirit. That is what it felt like to me. That is what I experienced under the influence of those drugs.

The involuntary administration of those drugs to mental patients is cost effective means to avoid actual time consuming,cognitive restructuring and personality therapy through psychological means.

It is the easy way out for psychologists/psychiatrists and a fine profit for big pharma.

It is utterly antithetical to yoga and meditation.

Yoga is a means of holistically uniting the mind, body and emotions through what amounts to movement therapy.

It is a mind-body discipline that heals and strengthens both.

Seated meditation as depicted by the ubiquitous lotus position is hard work.

The work of seated meditation involves learning and mastering the mind and thought.

A person in meditation is going deep into their inner world and experiencing their interior universe in order to find the unchanging core of their being.

A person in meditation is learning to understand the energy of thought and the origin of sense of self.

A person in meditation must be brave enough and strong enough to face the whirlwind and personal demons inside themselves.

A person in meditation grapples one on one with their own madness and obsessions and the nature of their own suffering.

To truly meditate the mind must become still and clear while remaining vigilant and focused.

A virtual impossibility on a brain damaging drug.

The meditator does not run from their own mind nor drug it into a fogged stupor with degraded performance.

The meditator that sticks with the practice of going within grows a meditation circuit of stillness that they can rely on.

The meditator relies only on their own hard earned discipline and inner stability to keep themselves from mania, obsession and churning thoughts.

The yoga practitioner and the meditator develop a clean, clear and quiet mind because they do the hard work of going within and reprogramming their mind.

A yoga practitioner does not rely on brain damaging drugs for their mental equilibrium.

A meditator could not progress in spiritual meditation under the influence of antipsychotics. The reason why is as follows.

In order to truly experience your energy and mindstream you can not be on mind altering drugs. If you are, then your perceptions of energy and mind are corrupted by an artificially induced state. To find out who and what you really are you have to be clean and sober. You have to go back to the beginning. People want to think otherwise. They think they can have their pot and enlightenment on the same plate. They think that an entheogenic powered mind voyage will render enlightenment.

Anytime you add any drug to your system you are adding fog and dust on the lens of your inner eye. As that dust accumulates it obscures the real you underneath. I myself have had my share of drugs, meditation and drug induced mind voyages. Invariably hallucinations and mind altering drugs either take you out of your body or your mind produces distortions and illusions. The problem with drug induced enlightenment is that it can not be maintained without taking the drug again and again to get there.

That is not the nature of consciousness. To meditate, you need only what you were born with. To go within and find yourself you need to be clear. Meditation experiences and spiritual awakenings that occur when undrugged are, in my opinion, a better gauge or compass of mental health and spiritual advancement than those discovered on drugs.

Under the influence of neuroleptics, not only can you not find your true self inside, but it will become harder as time goes by.

Under the influence of meditation, no drugs are needed of any kind.

What adds hideous insult to injury is the targeted market indicated by image of the woman in lotus on the yoga mat overlooking the natural panoramic scenery.

The woman in the picture is facing away so she is anonymous. Her appearance and outfit could brand her as the hip-to-healthy lifestyles 20-30 something crowd that sweep into yoga studios after work and on the weekends.

The woman on the yoga mat is on a spiritual journey and life journey. She has traded her latte for a bottle of water. She takes her vitamins and doesn’t smoke. She is going within in order to create inner peace and control over her own mind, thoughts and feelings. With the help of Geodon of course.

The idea of associating a drug proven to cause reduction in brain volume over time with a holistic, healing DIY approach to mind-body wellness is appalling.

The Geodon yoga woman image is beyond disgusting or inappropriate. When I first saw it I was speechless.

The entire idea of going inside your own mind and heart is to allow you to face yourself, your life and this world with a clear mind. The inevitable result of mind-body training is to allow the practitioner to grow mental, emotional and physical strength, focus and relaxation. It allows them to stand on their two feet without the need for chemically straitjacketing the mind or weekly therapy visits.

Yoga is the path to self understanding, Geodon is the path of self destruction. To associate the two is heresy.


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