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Saying “No” to Psychiatric Drug Users

This is a general statement about my feelings towards psychiatric drug users.

You are toxic. You have lost the Original Nature of Adam and Eve.

Every single school shooter was on antidepressant toxins. Sometimes more than one.

Antidepressants given to new mothers have caused these moms to have what I will call “murderthought”.

One woman describing it related: “I love my baby. But, out of the blue, for no reason I could tell, I suddenly had a rapid compulsion to throw my baby down the stairs. I was horrified. The only loose factor in this equation, was being put on Zoloft “preventatively”, to ward off Post Partum Depression.”

Folks, Eli Lilly concealed the suicides of several women during Prozac’s earlier trials.

I personally witnessed a young man go into full Grand Mal Seizures after being started on Prozac, in 1991, when he and I were both student/patient/prisoners at Bennington School, Bennington, Vermont.

I categorically refuse to interact with people on psychiatric “iatrogenesis causing” medicine/drugs/toxins/poisons.

On my taiji blog, I posted my revised requirements to learn taiji from me, personally.

Here is the link:

I am not interested in giving private demonstrations to people who just contact me, asking me, like so:

“Hey I study Martial Art(s) A, B, C, whatever, and I will be in your area in: August, September, July, December, whatever, and I would really love to see your whirlwind tai chi for myself, kind regards, Jaime”

Not. Acceptable.

I had my own brother threaten me, after taking Wellbutrin (WellBurnedBrainZapTrip) that I was “Going to get a shot of Haldol in the ass”, utterly unprovoked, and totally out of the blue.

I had one of my aunts who suffers from chronic depression, diabetes, obesity, and suffers leg neuropathy, literally call me up while unemployed, to tell me she now worked as a “A psychosis specialist” or something, and attempt to gaslight me that I needed some of my thinking “re-examined”, after she read my memoir of healing, and in spite of my “How to Pass Any Psychiatric Exam” post.

When I told her, that her years of working with the mentally ill had enhanced her own depression, and given her schizophrenia, her voice started shaking, and our call went south, and ended abruptly.

She has been taking antidepressants, for years.

Between school shooters, my manic brother, my schizophrenic aunts, and new mothers having “murderthought” after starting Zoloft, I am utterly uninterested in meeting people who are on “meds”.

Is that understood?

I can quickly tell if you are on meds, and analyze you speedily, to determine which one(s), and then, I will manipulate you in ways you will never forget, on camera, with audio recording as backup, in front of neutral CCTV, like the cameras at a Bank, or Coffeeshop.

As far as I am concerned, it is Psych Med Zombie Apocalypse on the streets of America.

I wrote a book on using meditation, to heal.

Follow my directions, and get rid of the meds making you all crazy.

To that end, I will never accept a date, an appointment, or grant demonstrations of my tai chi, or be interviewed by anyone, ever, until you have satisfied my criteria, including a telephone interview with the US Government monitoring at all times, and a timestamped, recent video of you, speaking, that matches the telephone interview, and you prove your bonafides in martial arts, to me, and agree to pay me $150 upfront, for Feng-style Chen Yilu instructions.


(Nice try Joshua!)

You want to see the whirlwind inside me? Do you?

Here you go:

Now we have nothing to talk about. Because you are a martial arts poser, unable to link me your taichi videos (i only train people with prior tai chi experience they can prove to me on a video upload of their own for me to evaluate) and I am sick and tired of speaking with, or encountering people with iatrogenic (medicine induced) brain damage or chemical imbalances.

If you are taking psych meds, I know you are not well, and I have banished mentally ill people from my life, permanently, due to extensive experience with people on meds, who just get weirder and weirder and more divorced from reality.

As far as I am concerned? Everyone on antipsychotics, antidepressants, and anti-seizure meds, is a walking BOMB, primed, like the VTech shooter, or the Columbine Boys, to explode with the right provocation.

You do not come to me, as a mentally ill person.

I am a healer. I teach tai chi, as the proverbial means of “teaching a man to fish (for himself)”.

Since tai chi has been proven to help psychiatric patients, and Bellevue Hospital pulled the plug on their tai chi study program, in favor of meds, meds, meds, and more meds, you need to take up tai chi, and cure yourself of your insanity, or your diagnoses, before we ever speak.

You chose the way of meds, which never heal, so I have nothing to say to you, and I will not tolerate mentally ill people on or off meds in my life, after living for years with violent abusive people in and out of psychiatric care, on and off “their meds”.

Do you understand?

How to pass any psychiatric exam

How I manipulate people on psychiatric drugs/medications/toxins

Ontology for beginners: learning to reality-check yourself

For those who want to just “see” me demonstrate my advanced gongfu, and the Whirlwind Inside Me


I will not meet with people with mental illness, on or off medications/drugs/brain-scrambling toxins.

I will not “demonstrate” my martial arts, just because you are in my neighborhood and want to see me in person.

I will not meet with anyone who does not first pass an interview with me on the telephone/cell phone (NSA monitors all communications per President Bush’s declaration in 9-11-2001, of the Office of Homeland Security).

I wrote a book on healing, and I am a taiji master and I am not on meds, nor do I have mental illness. I have nothing to prove, to you, to my family, or to any team of psychiatrists who would not want our interview to be recorded or simul-casted live to any of my medias, or uploaded to video, due to the situation I described in The Baker Act Explained.

It’s all about forcing you on polypharmacy. Scrambling your brain and CNS and organs/glands. And raking in the money from your insurance coverage.

Bad medicine. Bad psychiatry. Bad psychiatrists. No thanks!

Diseased mental patients without self-love, self-psychotherapy skills, or situational awareness. No thanks!

You must prove to me you are a tai chi practitioner, by linking me your video, and I will interview you.

That simple.


I am going to ask you a simple “Yes” or “No” question.

I don’t want to you think about the answer, but think the answer that first jumps into your mind.

It is more likely to be the truth, than if you cogitate/dwell on it.

Do you love yourself, and all that you are, unconditionally?

Go to a mirror, and look deep into your young, depressed, angry, confused, or psychmed-damaged eyes, and look really long.

I love myself, because of the tiny star I birthed in the core/heart/center of my Being illuminates my inner world, like a star in a solar system.

I gained this chakra-light and gentleness, through uncountable hours of meditation before my 26th birthday.

That means, I love who I am, regardless of whether or not I am thin, or heavy. You can not thin-shame me, or fat-shame, someone who truly accepts who they are, and has created a supernova shockwave of inner and outer Internal Energy.

Back in 2012 or 2013, I took this selfie in my living room. Since then, I felt the presences and sensed the thoughts of people stalking my blogs, amazon and yelp reviews, my Facebook, Twitter and other medias like Youtube.

Because of you, sending your mentally sick mental energy and your hatred of my accomplishment of beating Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Schizophrenia and Manic Depression, I have become spiritually inundated with your evil. And converted your toxic hate energy, into dark energy, for me to use against you, without even seeing you, but by sensing your thoughts.

Try not to steal my images again, perverts


For my next article, I am going to take to task, one of the most respected groups of therapists alive. Those fifty to sixty year-old Elder Female Trauma Therapists, in their lovely short grey coiffed hair, smart clothes, and the years in academia and therapy practice:

The two worst things you can tell a girl or boy who has PTSD, or has been systemically abused, or raped, or hurt, is… guess?

1. That child is damaged for life.
2. That child can never get over it.

You are wrong! All you older therapists than I? You. Are. Wrong.

Read my book.

I distinctly recollect as a teen in State’s Custody, hearing people, teachers, group home staff, psychiatrists, therapists, and psychiatric nurses, “talk over me”, as though I was not even sitting present, listening to them speak about my case-history, my “doomed” genetic chemical imbalances mixed with PTSD from the years of Catholic abuse and the psychiatric trauma inflicted on me in psychiatric care.

What kind of message, do you supposes, that communicated to me?

Hearing adults talk about me, like I was already dead, or lost, or unrecoverable.

How do you suppose that made me feel?

If you guessed, even more hopeless and depressed, you guessed correctly.

So, where is it actually written, that abuse victims, rape victims, psychiatric torture victims, can never “get over it”?

Why do the most learned female trauma-specialists and therapists, say such things, if it is not actually graven in stone?

Those therapists and their attitude of “She is a lost cause”, “She is hopeless”, “She will never heal from all that”, primes a child or teenager, to believe or accept that, because this rendered judgement comes from her older, wiser, more learned (presumably) therapists, who bill themselves as specialists specifically in the field of long-term recovery from abuse/trauma/rape.

You people are gravely in error.

You simply lack the tools to truly heal.

You can’t heal, taking three different meds, and going to cognitive or dialectical behavior therapy sessions once a month.

It will never happen.

Art therapy, talk therapy, Gestalt, Jungian, Freudian, even Humanistic Psychology, and definitely Biological Psychiatry, just are not equipped with the tools, to reach into your brain/mind, and body, where your nervous system encodes trauma memories, and get rid of them permanently, so the patient/victim can finally be at peace.

Studies on the brains of traumatized children and adult brains, versus the brains of those who have not had such trauma, show, that the human brain codes violent traumatic experiences into long-term memory, and recollections of abuse/trauma/rape memories tend to be far more vivid, than memories of vacations in Maine, and birthday parties at Disneyland.

So, we know those memories are encoded, inside our Being, somewhere. between brain and bowel.

I was able to completely eliminate PTSD triggers, like panic and going into hyper-vigilance when a neighbor slammed a car door, or stomped around the apartment above me, using the mind-energy dissolving technique I learned from Master Bruce Frantzis in my twenties.

By the age of 24, all my triggers were more or less gone, and I no longer suffered from the entire classic spectrum of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Look at what they are giving returning combat veterans from the Middle East at the Vet’s Hospital: antidepressants, antipsychotics, and anti-anxiety meds.

Suicide has been on the rise in the military, following deployment.

I totally empathize.

Why then, do esteemed trauma/abuse therapists continue to tell children and teens from abusive homes or family or friends, that “he or she can *never* get over it?”

Please comment or send me a message. I would like to be entertained by hubris.

Here is what medication-nation and lifer dependence on maintenance medications, and polypharmacy in human brains allows a taiji/meditation master to do to you. Ready?

If you are on lithium, your entire frontal cortex and CNS is toxic compared to Adam and Eve’s Original Nature. This gives me the ability to perform faster bursts of intuition, and greater logical reasoning in shorter amounts of time.

Your body will betray your iatrogenesis (medication induced damage) through lithium-induced akathasia, the vibrating, jiggling muppet-eyeballs effect, and the wire-burning, jaw vibrating effects.

Consequently,  the fact that you are ill-at-ease inside yourself, (combined with the actual lithium overdose smell on you) means just being near someone totally relaxed and fully present, makes you feel overwhelmed and unprepared, even intimidated. You literally out the fact that you are on lithium, through smell, aura, akathasia, slowed-thinking, and poor logic.

If you are on LamTicTal, or WellburnedBrainZapTrin, it gets really funny. After you start antiseizure-class meds, you get sparks, zaps, or electrical bursts in your brain/mind you can see, or feel, sometimes even smell. That is your brain acquiring a permanent electrical spasm that floats around your CNS.

I wait slowly and observe you carefully for signs of electrical distortions or spasms in your face or body. Then I only speak to you the precise moment before or after an electro-twitch/tic/spasm. You, go elsewhere in your mind during that microsecond spark-glitch. You are un-present. Vacant. No one home. Un-aware.

So, I speak to you the second before or after a face tic or body twitch, and you missed what I said, most of it, and your brain tries its best to fill in the gap by just making up whatever, and you sound like an idiot or a retard or someone with a traumatic brain injury, which you now have, actually.

If you are on Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors, it is a little tricky, but generally speaking, most of the school shooters were on antidepressants, so, I know you are not human after a few questions. And there is a good chance you have sexual release threshold issues, or depression, anyway, in spite of the meds. That is effortless for me to detect with my chakra-star of Light. I will laugh as I terminate our interview.

Sedatives like Benzodiazapines: Valium, Lorazapam, Xanax. I’ve tried Lorazapam, took it twice a day, for three days, and felt “something” adjust in my internal chimatrix, and felt mildly lethargic. I quit taking the benzo, and 24 hours later, I was fine. Some women take that stuff for decades. oops.

ADHD meds, Ritalin and Adderall and Co. This is medical-grade methamphetamine analogs which are addictive. You can’t function well without them. Unfortunately, it means you can’t pay attention, and often move or speak hastily, because your CNS is speeding along, and you miss things by not being internally slow, like me.

How I manipulate people on speed, meth or ADHD meds, is synch my speech rate to yours, first, for a few sentences, so we are on the same mental framerates. Then, I stagger my voice, and remodulate my tones and speech rate to be much slower than yours, and you miss half of what I said, constantly give me the wrong answer based on not hearing me correctly the first time, and then get impatient with me for not being as fast as you, until your own haste/jitters/rapidthink causes you to bomb the interview, utterly unprepared to take up something like tai ji and sounding like an ants-in-the-pants child under the influence of a shot of IV meth.

The best might be what I can do to people on neuroleptics/antipsychotics like Trilafondle, Illatuduh, Risperdolt, Abilityfried, GeoDont! Zyikes!prexia and SerotoninQuelling and Haldumb or Thora-zoned out and shuffling:

I smell your breath, and look in your eyes for the chemical smell on your body, or in you, and to see how present and attentive you are, optically/visually.

Once I can see/sense/feel your CNS is impaired/sedated/dying slowly to diluted VX1 which, in its liquid form, smells like nail polish/turpentine fumes/vapors, the fun really starts.

I slow my voice down to yours, and we synch up audibly for a moment. Then, I alternate between speaking slower than you, which means your brain stalls, trying to pay attention, or then, I abruptly remodulate my voice tones and speed-up my speech baudrate, and, because you are un-present and hypnotized (antipsychotics are called hypnotics and major tranquilizers in the books), I can whisper compulsions at you, that sound like voices in your head.

If you understand how people are programmed with religious beliefs, which consists of Parental Parochial Patriarchal Pedantic Proselytizing Pulpit-Pounding Programming – imposed on naive, innocent, virginal child brains – which codes their neurons-axons-dendrites in their developing brain neuro-web to regurgitate religion…

you can control them.

You can ignite their brain-neuro-chemical-electrical memory engrams/imprints/ideas, and quite literally, kite their minds around with anti-Religious ideas, or, by actually towing The Party Line, and forcing people to look in the mirror, to apprehend their living hypocritical inability to obey God’s Ten Commandments, avoid The Seven Deadly Sins, fail to be Good Samaritans, and fail The Golden Mean, which is: “Do unto others, as you, would have them, do unto you.

That is true mind control manipulation,

If you religious people had ontologically tested your Faith, before, programming your children with something you clearly do not actually believe in (because the audio/video recordings of your words and behaviors, the CCTV footage, your emails, SMS messages, Facebook posts, blog posts, or your activism/advocacy records SHOW with absolute certainty that you DON’T BELIEVE), then, you would not be suffering from constant dissociating fugue of total cognitive dissonance, every single hour of every single day.

When God-fearing people like my parents and grandparents, Protestant Kay Redfield Jamison and others, like law enforcement officers, judges, religious clerics, Cruel Child-abusing Catholic nuns, pedophile priests, Social Workers, psychiatric nurses, and all the psychiatrists I ever had before age eighteen, can not ever do the Biblical Good Thing to save their own lives when they die and go to Heaven, and God opens their Life File, and asks them, “How many times did you hurt others in My Name, without MY express permission.” Or. “You were an atheist. You had no biblical moral compass, so you strayed from Righteousness”, what are you going to tell Him?

He doesn’t even need, to Judge you.

He waits patiently. You read your Entire Life File, and then, you skip the Door to Heaven, and voluntarily enter The Gates of Hell, because you know (for sure even), that you belong with The Damned.

Only problem for me? Ontologically/Spiritually/Existentially speaking?

Is that, every single person who believes they are in fact Godly and following Jesus’s example to Love One Another, but actually, doesn’t?

All they have to do, according to their own Bible, is, twofold:

1. Repent their Sinful Ways

2. Declare your Acceptance of Jesus Christ the Savior/God/Holy Spirit


You. Are. Saved.

and then you enter Heaven.

So, nobody actually ever has to do the right thing their whole lives. Their Trump Card for avoiding mortal good behavior, is just wait your whole life to die, go to St Peter, get your appointment to see God, walk down the aisle, kneel before God, and both Repent Your Sins. And! Accept Jesus the Lord, and?

Your soul is safe, and you dwell in Eternal Light and Angelic Bliss with the souls of all your friends and family forever.

As for me?

Knowing, as I do, from lived personal experience stored in my chemical memories coded in my brain neuron-web, that every Religious Person, that I personally ever met, and every Modern Mengele Medicine torturer, and most every priest, monk and nun is existing in a two-channel dissociative fugue state which prevents them, from following:

1. The Ten Commandments and Do Unto Others

2 Richard Dawkins Selfish Gene Altruism

3. Penal Code (doing bad things to others is unlawful)

4. awareness/empathy/compassion-sensitivity

5 Spirituality

every day of their lives


Are unable to ever achieve respite from the Buddhist Four Sicknesses that cause Mental and Emotional Suffering


Achieve Step 5 of Maslow’s Hierachy of Needs (actualization)

why would I ever want to go to Heaven?

Just to live forever with all the people I despise. No thanks!

I’ll take the Gates of Hell, any day, over The Door to Heaven, to avoid spending eternity with all the Good Souls that were never truly good, to begin with.

Remember, Nietzsche, often hailed as “The Most Important Figure in Modern Atheism”, died, with mental illness, in an Insane Asylum.

Because without finding your own heart-centered moral compass, nothing means anything, and technically, under atheism/anarchy precepts, there is no rule, or law, that makes us have to behave or obey or be good.

So? why bother?

When I studied with Peter Ralson in the late ’90s, he introduced me to an idea that I had never heard of before: Ontology, the study of Being. He recommended learning and internalizing ontological concepts by developing and using your sensing/feeling/awareness to determine what is really real.

It turned out, I already had a basic grasp of ontology, from an early age.

Debunking Santa Claus

My parents taught me as a child, that on Christmas Eve, a jolly fat man in a red and white suit, landed on our roof with a magical sleigh and flying reindeer.

From there, he morphed into a skinny guy, slide down the chimney, and emerged from the fireplace, re-morphed into a jolly fat man, bearing a satchel filled with gifts and presents and stocking stuffers.


Then, he ate some cookies, and milk. Checked his list of who was naughty and nice, and bestowed gifts under a Christmas Tree, and then, departed the way he came. His enormous, presents-filled sack, was also effected by his Santa Enchantment Magic. Then he mounted his sleigh, and flew off to the next house on his rounds.

I loved Santa Claus. So much so, that one day, around the age of eight, maybe nine, I decided that I had to see him, with my own eyes, even if just a peek through the crack in my door.

So, using a flashlight, I hid under my covers and forced myself to stay awake all Christmas Eve, reading books.

Then, I heard him! Or something. Movement, in the house. Thumps and sounds.

“He is here!” I thought jubilantly.

I crept out of bed stealthily, and cracked my bedroom door to, at long last, catch a glimpse of the Magic Man Himself.

I found my parents dragging out presents from their bedroom where they had squirreled them away and wrapped them behind closed doors the evenings prior.

Total shock and instant sense of betrayal. I closed my door, and cried.

There was never any Santa Claus of Magic, and my parents thought I was so stupid, I would just go on believing this.

That was my first ontological experiment.

Debunking The Bible and Christianity

I separated Real from False, Imagination, from Actuality, Fantasy, fiction and fact. Delusion and Ontological Reality.

I rid myself of a fantastical delusion my poor naive and innocent child-brain had absorbed and been programmed with, into my developing neuron-web of brain cells and dendrites and axons and gluons.

I unlearned, what I had learned, and my brain neuron web was corrected, free of my delusional thinking.

From there, I wondered, (reasonably) what else my parents were teaching and programming into me, that did not actually check out, when you tested the facts.

The Bible has The Seven Deadly Sins, The Ten Commandments, and Do Unto Others As You Would Have Them Do Unto You.

Yet, my parents, siblings, teachers, school peers, psychiatrists and psych-ia-trick nurses all demonstrated a failure to understand simple Bible precepts, like, God loves us all. We are all perfect in the Eyes of God.

So why poison my pubescent and developing brain, organs, glands, hormones, and central nervous system with an early death-sentence assured by a diagnosis of Manic Depression, controlled by neuro-toxic litihum and Trilafondle, unless they didn’t actually believe in The Golden Mean, and concepts like: We are perfect, children of God, made perfect, in His Own Image.


Something didn’t add up.

So the next ontological experiment I performed, was to reality-check God, The Bible, my priests and parents and my Catholic Catechism Doctrination.

The Bible contains an Ancient Formula for instantly summoning The Fallen Angel, Lucifer (which means Lightbringer, Dawnstar, Morning Star, and Enlightener):

“The Devil Always Comes When You Call”

(Trilafondle=Trilafon=Try La Fon=Try The Phone)

After I killed myself in my closet in my cell at State-run and taxpayer-funded Tobey School on Concord State Hospital grounds, I was reborn, and reawakened.

The next day, I decided to do the unthinkable: Call Satan personally.

Using my witchcraft knowledge I gained after declaring atheism to my parents at the dinner table and their prompt ritual exorcism on me for my heresy, I placed my call.

At around midnight, I got up, and drew a large pentagram on the floor of my cell, and after completing the pentagram, I drew a circle around it.

Then, I scratched my wrist against the rough edges of my prison bed, to bleed.

Then, I dripped this blood onto the floor of my magic circle

Then, I sat in the center of my Pentagram, and prayed to Lucifer to possess me.

According to the Bible, the summons would absolutely work, instantly.

Two months later, I was out of my State Psychiatric Cell, and in a Foster Home.

I continued to develop my spiritual and occult abilities.

Debunking American Psychiatry and Grohol and Jamison’s Modern Mengele Medicine

At age twenty-five, after a three week intensive self-retreat, I performed another ritual that I discussed in my previous post, The Three Passes, after meticulously weaving a shadow-web of dark energy all throughout my Being to prevent demonic spirits or dead souls from moving around in me, undetected.

It turned out, I was never possessed by spirits, ghosts, demons, or Satan/Lucifer.

The devil and the priest can’t exist if one goes away. The Force of the Devil is what we are all told to fear. Watch out for religion when he (the priest) gets too near. – Black Sabbath, “Born Again”

I also, birthed a Star of Light in my Heart Chakra which illuminated my Being from within, and in all humility, with my long curly hair and pale features combined with my slow starvation, I looked in the mirror, and saw a Being who looked like a Botticelli Angel of Heaven.

I was healed. I had total self-love. And I knew, I was immune from The Four Sicknesses of Man, described by Buddha.

The Four Sicknesses of Man, the suffering that keeps people from being Enlightened, is the same suffering that has been broken down into a Nosological Diagnostic Protocol, called the DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual for psychologists and psychiatrists).

The treatment for mental and emotional suffering is to be first, diagnosed with an incurable genetic chemical imbalance, and then, to be medicated for life with drugs like Zooloft, kidney-and-thyroid-hurting lithium, twitch-causing Lamictal, and brain and CNS damaging Trilafondle.

My Ontological Exploration and Discovery, cured me of the God Delusion, and Psychiatry, in one smooth movement.

If you follow the Biblical procedure that auto-summons Lucifer into your life, and it doesn’t work, that means Satan isn’t real. If Satan isn’t real, it means God can’t be real.

Likewise, if you violate your diagnosis and treatment plan, quit taking your medications prescribed by your psychiatrist, and use meditation like Buddha did, to uncover, and then heal yourself, of the Four Sickness of Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual Suffering, it means…

Psychiatry is fake bullshit.

How to get a fake scientific mental illness diagnosis and get put on mind-heart-body dis-integrating medicine, for life

How to pass any psych exam:

remember, Bellevue Hospital pulled the funding for their experimental Tai Chi Chuan program, after clinically observing that both patients and nursing staff felt improved mood and thought function practicing tai chi – in favor of using overlapping toxic psychiatric medicine.

Meaning what? Bellevue Hospital and Concord State Hospital, are not in the business of healing you, at all. It is totally transparent and obvious to anyone without a psych med-damaged brain, or who does not constantly live in a dissociative fugue state of total cognitive dissonance, twenty-four seven.

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What I wanted to be when I grew up

I didn’t like the prospect of living my entire life as a suicidally depressed soul locked away in an Insane Asylum or Thorazoned out shuffling my way around the grounds of Concord Hospital or getting my brain fried with electricity. So, I did something about it. This is who I am.

Any questions?

ps. look in a mirror, and truly look into your own eyes and ask yourself if being a troll, a hater, and an obscene obese retard on drugs that ruin your body and situational awareness and your every cell and nerve all your life..? Is what you envisioned for yourself in the future as an innocent child. Really.

Kim something or other. professional troll

What about a martial artist who opinion trolls or criticises other people’s ba gua and tai ji videos without EVER posting one of themselves?

What about a martial art teacher or master who claims to know Chen style taiji and NEVER demonstrates their entire form on camera to prove it?

Got stupidity hypocrisy?

Posted by: Jane | June 19, 2015

How to pass any psychiatric exam

The first step in avoiding a trap, is knowing of its existence – Thufir Hawat, Dune

If you are about to take a psychiatric exam or be interviewed by a pdoc or psych nurse, their goal is to take away your body-mind integrity with liquid diluted VX1 (Trilafondle) and Lam-Tic!-tal or dialysis-causing lithium or Zooloft or Illatuduh.

Here is how to avoid that.

Don’t speak at all.

Take out your cellphone. Begin recording.
Inhale… and count mentally (1, 2). Exhale… and count mentally (1. 2.)


and again.

As you inhale, bring your awareness through your nose, down your central channel, into your hara/lowerdantien/pelvic chakras to cause your mind and heart anxiety and fear to drain down and stabilize. Then lie through your teeth as you take their questions one by one. Post your video to youtube and vimeo and facebook, which is monitored by the FBI.

Send your pdoc to jail, or escape Jamison and Grohol’s Modern Mengele Medicine.

Remember Habeaus Corpus. They can not treat you against your will if your speech is slow, measured and calm, your emotions are like ice, and your biofeedback heart, blood pressure and stress hormones remain calm.

All psychiatric institutions need to have total CCTV monitoring from here on out to prevent medical torture to their patients so that the Pdoc and the hospital can get a thousand-dollar-a-day feeding from your insurance teat.

I learned these self mindcontrol techniques by reading books on yoga and tai chi while institutionalized and practicing Zen i learned in Karate while I was facing a wall in Solitary Confinement.

I escaped numerous attempts by my Social Worker to have me put back on the obscene obese retard drug regimen with Five Thousand year-old magic,

as a teenager.

In spite of the fact that President Bush ordered Homeland Security and the NSA to take a greater role in global and domestic surveillance after 911, people still continue to act badly.


They refuse to accept the truth.

It is time to grow up, and get along, and respect each other’s opinions.

If you can not, try suicide.

Dissociation is a overly used term that has become useless in therapy circles because it has spilled out of therapy lexicon and, thanks to self-diagnosing and wikipedia, people banter around the term “dissociate” without the slightest concept of what it really is, and means.

Dissociation was observed in soldiers returning from the front lines in World War I. Some of them had a condition called “post traumatic stress disorder” that was once called merely “shell shock” (an apt descriptor as it turns out).

A combat veteran could hear a loud booming noise, and, in spite of being far from battle fields and in a safe place, instantly begins reliving and reexperiencing memories from combat engagements. They know they are safe and out of combat, but they simultaneously act or behave as though they were in an active war zone.

Acting as though there is enemy artillery landing in your trench or battle position when you are at home or in a therapeutic environment is dissociation. But it is not the only way people dissociate.

When my parents performed an exorcism on me at the age of 13, they dissociated. They harmed me with emotional and psychological attacks for not believing in The Bible and God any longer. They existed in a delusional dissociative fugue state, twenty-four seven.

When I was being tortured inpatient  by tax-funded State Employees – employees who failed to act in accordance with “Do not harm”, they did horrible things to me, and made me take medicine which hurt me and never helped in the slightest. They were constantly failing a humanities and morality check every single day I was in services.

They were dissociating between right action, altruism, functional medicine, spirituality and humanistic psychology. They couldn’t listen to me, but told me how I was functioning without my input on the matter.

They, all the psychiatric staff, where dissociating from reality, constantly. They actually believed traumatizing a trauma victim with physical assault was therapeutic, and that toxic meds were healing potions.

When Catholic priests molest their young assistants, they are breaking several codes of law simultaneously. The reason a priest can sodomize an altar worker is because he is a schizophrenic zombie who doesn’t actually believe in the bible –  meaning he is incurably dissociating, constantly.

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