Posted by: Jane | March 30, 2015

Taking your “meds” as a form of Self Injury

If you’re a child, and an adult psychiatric nurse tells you that you have to take lithium because,

“Your body doesn’t make enough lithium on its own. So this is to help you stabilize your mood swings to be more at the “equator”.”

like one of my psych nurses did. Or, your psychiatrist tells you,

“You will accept taking this solvent-smelling, made-from-industrial chemicals ‘anti-psychotic’, willingly, or we will restrain you, and inject you, every single time you resist, until you learn to accept it.”

like my psychiatrist said to me when I was fourteen. You may have no choice but to accept having your brain cells dissolved and your motor neurons and axons killed off until you are quite literally, a Thorazine zombie, doing the zombie shuffle with drool coming out of the side of your mouth, unable to form proper sentences.

However, as an adult you have something called, “informed consent”, that means, unless you are in acute crisis, i.e. actively trying to kill yourself, or running around downtown naked claiming you are Jesus, you do not actually have to take psychiatric drugs. They are just recommended.

So, you do your homework. Study everything you can about antipsychotics and lithium. And when you hear about things like lifetime lithium patients undergoing dialysis, or antipsychotic users coming down with permanent neuro-motor damage. Or, people taking antidepressants, and having “brain zaps”, seizures, and suicidal thoughts, (while taking an anti-depressant), you know something is seriously, seriously wrong with psychiatric medicine.

There is a basic tenet of medicine that goes like this,

“First, do no harm.”

If the first thing you do, as a psychiatrist, is put a mentally ill patient on the path to brain cell destruction, motor-neuron damage, and kidney failure, or increased suicidal thinking, then you are knowingly doing harm. You are. How do you rationalize that?

The answer is, you don’t really care about your patients. It’s all about making the money. Getting those free lunches, and stock options, or getting paid to speak authoritatively and enthusiastically about those poisons in front of an audience.

Now, if you are a patient, and you know, from your research, that lithium hurts, and antipsychotics maim your brain and central nervous system, what does it mean when you take them anyway?

May I suggest, that one of the many reasons you may be depressed or suicidal or self injuring, is that you do not truly love yourself. You look in the mirror, and hate who you see. You do. You hate yourself. A person who hates themselves, has an internal self-destruction mindset. There is a part of them that does not care if they are injured, or they die. I totally understand this feeling, I wrote about it in my book, extensively. So I get it.

But what you can not convince me of is, that you actually love yourself, while voluntarily and knowingly taking a cocktail of drugs which has scientifically been proven to,

A: have no curative or long-lasting therapeutic benefits.

B. Hurt you internally.

There is an adage, “A sound mind in a sound body”

Guess what being on antipsychotics and lithium means? It means your body is perverted. Its toxic. It’s unnaturally polluted. Guess what that means? It means there is no way your mind can ever be truly “sound” while your physical vessel, your body, is “unsound”,

So, if you take this stuff willingly, knowing it can never be good for you, and will hurt you, over the short and long duration, what does it mean?

It means you don’t really love yourself, or you would want very much, to protect yourself from pharmaceutical-induced damage to your heart, kidneys, liver, pancreas, thyroid, gonads, brain, and nervous system.

Because if you truly loved yourself, the way I love myself, you would never ever take those drugs, because they are anti-healing, anti-integrative awareness, anti-holistic health. Anti-wellness. And ultimately, anti-mental health.

Posted by: Jane | March 26, 2015

Tai Chi Chuan: 1 Psychiatry: 0

Did you know that Bellevue Psychiatric once had a program to teach tai chi chuan to both its patients and the staff? I read about it in one of the first alternative health books I ever read. A book called, “Tai Chi: The Supreme Ultimate” by Lawrence Gallante.

The pilot program worked. Patients felt better. Staff felt better.

Bellevue canceled funding for the program, and tai chi chuan was halted at their hospital.


Because it worked.

Psychiatry failed me disastrously as a teenager. Basically giving me a death sentence, “Take these meds for life, or be inpatient for life. Your choice.”

I chose rebellion and disobedience. I chose neither “meds” that only made me feel worse, or their terrifying hospitals.

I chose to figure out their emotional and thought parameter trap, so I could fake “normal” any time. Then I learned tai chi chuan. While I was at a group home, actually. I taught myself tai chi chuan from Lawrence Gallente’s book.

I felt better. I didn’t disbehave. I didn’t act up like the boys and girls there. I didn’t suffer depression while I was there, like all my brother and sister inmates on Prozac that wasn’t really helping them.

I chose tai chi chuan, for life. I’ve been practicing for over twenty years. I cured my depression mostly by my very early twenties, and completely, at the age of twenty-five. I have never been suicidal or depressed, since. That means I won, psychiatry lost, and I exposed the masquerade.

Psychiatry is a dead end project where you get experimented on, and never heal. Tai chi chuan fixed all my physical, emotional and mental imbalances, curing me in a way that is beyond comprehension to anyone that either works in, or for, or is treated for depression at, Bellevue. That stinging sensation you have right now, if you are a psychiatrist or a patient who trusted them long enough to take psych meds for a couple years, is your pride.

Posted by: Jane | March 24, 2015

No Answer.

So far, no one from any psychiatry department on this entire planet has offered to comment, email, Facebook message me, any thing like an interesting defense as to why I was tortured with lithium and perphenazine in the nineties.

Because brain damage was going to help me become aware, or conscious, or more in tune with my body, right?

Because lithium every day for the rest of my life, is how you stay healthy, preventively? The entire method of Chinese Medicine is basically, don’t take or do things that make you unhealthy on a mental or physical level, right? Seems reasonable?

So why take a chemical compound in excess of what your normally have in you, and not call that an artificially induced chemical imbalance?

Your science is total bullshit. You really want to impress me? Explain yourself to me over lunch. I guarantee that you have nothing logical to say to me. How permanent industrial chemical over-loading is preventative medicine for a long and happy life in a healthy body.

You people are fools. You couldn’t pay me enough money to even sample an antidepressant if I was feeling depressed. Instead, I would just re-read my book. Re-examine my formula for repairing myself the first time. And do it all again. Imagine that.

Posted by: Jane | March 20, 2015

A Warning About Trilafon/Perphenazine

Continuing my roll against psychiatric “meds” this month, let’s talk a little about Big Pharma deception.

While I was researching psychiatry for notes for my book, I came across several Pharma-run drug sites. These sites offered advertisements for drugs of all kinds, including psychiatric ones. Curious, I almost instantly started looking up Trilafon, an industrial poison that was used on me for acting out while being raped by psychiatric nurses.

One of those sites, allowed users to review drugs! Kind of like amazon or yelp.

I thought, “Great! Have I got some feedback for you guys!”

I wrote an extensive, and I do mean extensive, review of perphenazine, a.k.a. Trilafon. I wrote about how badly it hurt me. All the symptoms I didn’t have before I was forced to take it. The almost indescribable suffering I experienced at the age of fourteen.

Then I hit “publish”, or “post” or whatever the “submit” button said on it.

Then I eagerly awaited my review to posted after it had been cleared with their board moderator.

I looked forward to seeing my review next the other reviews, the glowing, sunshiny, cheerful reviews for Trilafon.

My review was never published.

I kept checking back…

No go. The Pharma drug review site moderator refused to publish my heartfelt and plaintive and genuine review of one of the worst experiences of my entire life.


Posted by: Jane | March 13, 2015

Dr Grohol’s damaging medical advice

Last week I posted about Latuda, an antipsychotic made from the same class of chemicals that were used putatively in the Soviet Union against dissidents. Toxins, that, when first marketed, were advertised as an effective chemical lobotomy.

There is no reason for incurable schizophrenics to have all that medical mental meltdown! In the quest to find more ailments to treat with these poisons, Pharma companies “expanded” their target demographic to include whatever they thought they could get away with!

The very idea that a chemical lobotomy is good, wise, well thought-out “treatment” for depression is asinine. All antipsychotics cause brain damage.


Is that clear?

This is not a drug that was lovingly and expertly crafted in the lab by chemistry geniuses who wanted to help the mentally ill. Look at Bob Whitaker’s Timeline for the use of antipsychotics. This garbage comes from Big Industry and Big Ag. As a user or customer or patient on any form of antipsychotic, you are a trial and error chemistry experiment.

Dr. John Grohol’s site, “Psych Central” is a platform to gain money from Pharma Companies. It really is that simple. No matter how sensitive or thoughtful Dr. Grohol may sound in his drug reviews, he is not on your side. He is on his side, working on Maslow’s Hierachy of Needs, specifically, the part about making lots of money. He does this by saying nice things about psychiatric drugs, then he gets paid in click-views, page-views, or ad-clicks, or whatever.

Therefore, any woman with half a brain in her head, is going to take one look at his website, and realize the truth. Your suffering is his paycheck.

Dr Grohol doesn’t care about your suffering, actually. If he did, if he had any first-hand knowledge of what it feels like to have the Tardives Dykinisia shakes, the brian fog similar to “chemo-head”, the nausea, the tremors, the twitching, the drooling, (all are to be expected from a toxin that is used to kill bugs) then he could not, in good conscience, recommend Latuda to anyone.

Again, if you are thinking of taking Latuda, ask Dr. Grohol, or any pdoc, if irreversible central nervous system damage is the right medical treatment for your lifestyle depression.

There is not a chance in hell, that I would take anything seriously that comes out of that man’s mouth regarding mental health treatment with today’s psychiatric poisons.

A warning about “Latuda” for “bipolar depression”.

I saw this commercial for Latuda the other day and the instant I saw it, alarm bells started ringing, and I thought I would share my thoughts about why I do not believe any woman (or man) should ever be on this drug. Let’s start with the video, shall we?

At three seconds into the video, we know it is targeting middle class women.

At seventeen seconds in, we hear that “clinical studies show that it is effective.. blah blah”

I’d like to refer you to a book called,  “How To Lie With Statistics”. Essentially, they are lying to you.

At 24 seconds in, it is “Call your doctor if you have thoughts of suicide, (after starting this drug).”

Any drug for your mind that causes you suicidal thoughts when it claims to be treating them…. is harming you. It is a bogus medication. It’s not good for you.

36 seconds in: “Elderly dementia patients have an increased risk of death or stroke.”

Why? Why should “head medicine” taken by anyone, regardless of age or mental state, increase your risk of dying? Does that make any sense? To take a drug that ups your odds of dying or having a severe medical event like a heartattack? It sure makes no sense to me!

40 seconds in: “Call your doctor if you have fever, stiff muscles, and confusion, as these may be signs of a life-threatening reaction.”

This is all we need to know about this drug, to make sure no female ever takes this poison into her body. Why? SImple. When I forced to take Trilafon as a teenager against my will, I experienced those symptoms. It is caused by the toxic effects of the drug. It harms your nervous system. Latuda is an antipsychotic. Depression has not been medically or scientifically proven to be a psychotic disorder…meaning? You have no business taking this drug for bipolar depression, unipolar depression, post partum depression, or any other form of depression, as those effects which harm your nervous system are basically just killing you slowly. Slow-motion poisoning, with a bug killer. See Bob Whitaker’s timeline on the development of antipsychotics.

Latuda is no different from Thorazine, Haldol, Abilifry, Geodon’t, Seroquel, RIsperdal, Zyprexa and the plastic-laden Trilafon that I was on for six months until I loudly said, “No more. Not ever.”

You do not treat your brain, organs, heart, or central nervous system, with industrial toxins, okay?

Go ahead and ask your doctor, if Tardives Dyskinesia is the right treatment for your depression.

Go ahead and ask him or her.

This entire video was aimed at women with money to burn on medication roullette. Don’t give Big Pharam research data that you are paying for with your money and your body. Your lovely CNS and feeling-attention-sensations will thank you for not hurting yourself with antipsychotics

I feel I should add, that in the course of using meditation to become clear and happy, I factored in every substance in my body, and reduced them all until I was ascetically pure. Then I could feel very profoundly the effects of a single sip of coffee or sodapop, and listen to how those chemicals made my insides feel.

Antipsychotics, of which Latuda is one of them, cause brain damage over time, which is anti-healing.

Posted by: Jane | December 24, 2014

A Simple Message

Greetings readers. It has been four years since I published my book. I wrote my book for the future, because I do not believe this world is ready for my message. Certainly, the FDA, the APA, NIMH, are all organizations we would expect to be looking out for us. But they’re not. The FDA is a revolving door of Big Ag and Big Pharma employees.

The members of the APA (most of them) are all getting bought by Big Pharma. This means the we, as Americans, are not getting the best care. We are getting crap. We are lied to about our food. About our medicine. Even our water sources are polluted with traces of the garbage meds everyone is on these days seeping out of our faucets.

Quite frankly, I have little hope for the human race. The so-called 1% makes all the decisions, and makes all the money, and we are left dying of our modern-era diseases, toxic to the gills on poisonous meds, tainted food with robotic-like ingredients (titaniumhexobenzomethylwhat?) None of that exists in real food, like, say, an apple.

We can not escape it. It’s all around us. All we can do is survive.

To that end, I continue to practice my tai chi and keep my affairs simple.

I told one of my Aunts on Facebook that I just wanted to be a California surfer girl when I grew up.

Anyway, there are some ridiculous books that become bestsellers these days. My book has all the makings of a bestseller, but the powers that be, do not want my message in every bookstand in every bookstore, or in every home. And why not? Simply because, if you all aspired to be like me, you would not eat their crap, take their psych meds, or fixate so strongly on the electronic world. And that does not make money.

It’s better for the masses, to be asleep, and to consume, and to spend money to enrich the folks that sit there and collect the ATM fees.

If my message sounds grim, that is because it is. I had to find a reason to live. And I cultivated genuine self-love, and love of this planet – when it seemed everyone was against me or wanted me dead. And that was all I needed to finish healing.

Why I do not believe ADHD exists.

Posted by: Jane | May 1, 2013

Back online

A surprising number of people have sent me requests to make my blog public again.

It is humbling that people are still reading my stuff,  and this blog is my oldest blog. I was a really crappy writer when I first started back in 2006. I have removed some old posts on all my blogs, I just don’t like anymore.

I am very busy these days, with my tai chi practice, which I have been growing from a full-time hobby into a full-time career.

There has been a lot of internet talk about having a country-wide or society-wide “dialogue” about diagnosing, labeling and treating of mental illness, in light of the numerous mass-killings initiated by young people in recent months and years and I do have some thoughts I’d like to contribute to this discussion.

I am still not very happy with the way mental health problems are treated in this country.

I hope you are all doing well.

Posted by: Jane | January 28, 2011

Please stop child drugging now

Two mental health laws I would love to see passed

If you are looking to get angry about something, you don’t have to look very far. One thing that has the power to get me angry is my knowledge of the current use of psychiatric drugs in teens, children and toddlers. I am going to tell you plainly that I think it is a crime against their minds, bodies and spirits. For that reason, if I had the power, I would enact a law that would permanently ban the use of any and all psychiatric drugs in people under the age of eighteen.

If an eighteen year old wants to ask for meds, then that’s great. But under that age, I think kids need to be given the right and incentive to learn to control their emotions on their own, using their own resourcefulness and ability, along with the normal process of maturation. At least until a person is safely past the hormone tides of puberty so that normal sexual maturation and the hormone flows that come with it are not misidentified as being a mood disorder, which I suspect is what is going in a large number of cases of teen bipolar these days.

There is another group of individuals that is just as vulnerable, actually, far more vulnerable to unnecessary psych med exposure and that is unborn children. Unborn children have no way to escape the mother’s psych med use. They do not have informed consent and they can not refuse this unasked-for and unwarranted ‘treatment’.

Each and every psych med in existence has the potential to damage the brain, the CNS and the internal organs. Infants born to mothers who take antiseizure meds have retardation, cleft palate and spina bifata. I’ve heard of one case where a baby had to be put on dialysis because the mother was on lithium. Can you not see how awful it is to be spending the first nine months of your formative life being exposed to a chemically toxic womb? Or letting your infant, suckle down Risperdal or lithium-tainted breast milk? I think it’s very selfish on the part of the mother to knowingly expose her own offspring—who gets one chance and one chance only, to get through those nine months intact to get the best head-start on life—to the potential dangers of psychiatric drugs. Psych med damaged infants are absolutely, one hundred percent avoidable.

Why are you treating your baby for your mental problems?

All we need is a law which protects children from being exposed to psych meds in utero. I mean seriously, if you are taking lithium or depakote or seroquel it’s not because you are fine, it’s because you are not fine. What makes you think you have the right to needlessly expose your childs’ vulnerable and growing body to your drugs, Ma? Potential mothers should have to make a choice, psych meds or pregnancy, not both. I remember how awful lithium and Trilafon made me feel and I don’t think it’s right to expose an infant or a prenate to psych meds, even if diluted down somewhat. Especially because scientists don’t know what the long term effects are. Think about this: babies are much smaller than you Ma, so a little drug can go a long way.

Children have absolutely no business partaking of those drugs in utero or through breast-feeding. And until there are some major advances in psych meds in general, then I think there ought to be a law making it illegal to expose a prenate or infant to psych meds.  We don’t know enough about the long term effects of prenatal and post natal exposure to psych meds and we should be erring on the side of caution in the interests of giving every child the best possible start at life. But in this day and age, corporate interests and profit margins are often more of a concern to agencies like the FDA than public safety, and the future is always later, so we have the mentality of “do it now and pay for it down the road when we get the bill”. Hindsight is always so much easier to possess than foresight.

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An anonymous commenter from Robert Whitaker’s Mad in America blog wrote:

“I was put on SSRIs when I was young for OCD. I now do not get high and low feelings as I think most humans get. I feel emotionally flat every day. I also do not experience any pleasure when I touch myself, am unable to have orgasm nor enjoy sex. I thought this was all normal but deep down I knew it wasn’t. I want to fall in love but I literally am unable to. I decided to look this up and I guess I realize why I have these issues, and I don’t know if I will be like this the rest of my life but I really hope not. It is a very gray life.”

Please stop child drugging now.

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